Connecticut 8th Volunteer Regiment

Connecticut 8th Volunteer Regiment contained 18 Wethersfield men including Chaplain John Morris who later co-authored a book on the war. Their fiercest fighting was at Antietam where Morris was said to have picked up a gun in the heat of the battle and at Cold Harbor where 2 Wethersfield men were killed and one was […]

Connecticut 7th Volunteer Regiment

Connecticut 7th Volunteer Regiment was one of the first regiments that reflected the realism that it would not be a short war. Enlistments were for 3 years. There were 20 Wethersfield men who were part of this unit. They spent the early part of their service in the sea islands of South Carolina and Georgia. […]

Connecticut 6th Volunteer Regiment

Connecticut 6th Volunteer Regiment contained only one Wethersfield man who enlisted late. He was involved with the capture of Fort Fisher and Wilmington, North Carolina in early 1865. Name / Date Enlisted / Unit / Date Out / Reason Out / Comment Finnern, Larry 11/11/64 Company E M.O. 8/21/65

Connecticut 3rd Volunteer Regiment

Connecticut 3rd Volunteer Regiment was another 90-day regiment, which contained four Wethersfield men and saw some action of First Bull Run. Name/Date Enlisted/Unit/Date Out/Reason Out/Comment Dailey, Charles 5/11/1861 Company A 8/12/1861 Deming, Francis 5/ 11/1861 Company A 8/12/1861 Transfer to 13th Regiment Morgan, Guy S. 5/ 11/1861 Company A 8/12/1861 Transfer to 8th Regiment Rhodes, […]

Connecticut 2nd Volunteer Regiment

Name/Date Enlisted/Unit/Date Out/Reason Out/Comment Williams, Charles 4/23/1861 M. O. 8/7/1861 CPL to Co. F. 13th C. V.

Connecticut 1st Volunteer Regiment

Connecticut 1st Volunteer Regiment had five Wethersfield men enlisted in this 90-day regiment. At that time most of the people in both the North and South thought that the war would be very short and 90-day regiments were common. The regiment was at First Bull Run but saw no action. Four of the five men […]


by Wes Christensen This is a narrative of Wethersfield’s participation in the great Civil War. [Approximately 200] Wethersfield men served in the war. At that time the population was 2,700 so more than 1/3 of the town’s able-bodied young men were in the war. Nine were African-Americans who were part of the Connecticut regiments consisting […]

Wethersfield's Civil War Participants

John Morris John Morris was Chaplain of the 22nd Connecticut Volunteer Regiment from May 1, 1862 until September of 1863. He was at the battle of Antietam and when the Regiment was in danger of being overwhelmed, he picked up a rifle and ammunition to protect himself.     Morris courted his bride-to-be, Emily ‘Gussie’ […]

Wethersfield Civil War Soldiers and Regiments

Name Unit Adams, Augustus Connecticut 10th Volunteer Regiment Adams, Ebenezer Connecticut 22nd Volunteer Regiment Adams, Edward Connecticut 27th Volunteer Regiment Adams, George Connecticut 22nd Volunteer Regiment Adams, Sherman Other Regiments Adams, Stoddard Connecticut 22nd Volunteer Regiment Aldrich, Edward Connecticut 7th Volunteer Regiment Archy, William Connecticut 29th Volunteer Regiment Baker, Charles L. Connecticut 1st Light Battery […]