Postscript and Bibliography

My research has answered the questions which prompted this exercise plus several others that never would have occurred to me had I not begun this quest. And as such ventures often do it has also opened up new areas for further exploration. Like some bizarre form of jigsaw puzzle that generates new pieces each time […]

Chapter VIII – The Ark and the Gingko Tree

A Sanborn Fire Insurance rate Map prepared in 1930 and an aerial photograph of the Brimfield Gardens area taken in 1934 both show fourteen houses on what was then called Brimfield Road — the twelve that were built in the 1920’s: 237 and 256 in 1920; 245 in 1924; 242 in 1925; 268 in 1926; […]

Chapter VII – Building The Boulevard

The staff in the Wethersfield Town Engineer’s office found a 1935 map of the proposed Folly Brook Boulevard prepared by the “Regional Planning Commission of the Metropolitan District”, but no additional information. So I emailed the Metropolitan District Commission to see if they had any historical records or documentation that I might be able to […]

Chapter VI – Connecting With Hartford

The major issue in the suburbanization of Wethersfield identified in the 1928 town plan was “Thoroughfare Connections With Hartford.” “The thoroughfare facilities between Wethersfield and the down-town business district in Hartford must be of the best, in order to facilitate the proper development of the large vacant areas in Wethersfield. “There are today [1928] but […]

Chapter V – Plan Of A Residence Suburb

Because of the lack of more definite information on Brimfield Gardens or the Isaacsons, Melissa suggested that I look at “Plan of A Residence Suburb Wethersfield Connecticut prepared for the Town Plan Commission in 1928 by Herbert S. Swan, City Planner” (of which the society has several copies) to see what else was happening in […]

Chapter IV Brimfield Gardens

Brimfield Gardens was a planned development of the land on Brimfield Road, Clearfield Road, the south side of Dale Road and Wolcott Hill Road between Dale Road and Brimfield Road. Five maps were filed with the Town Clerk of Wethersfield: 1) Brimfield Gardens Filed 12/14/21  Lots 1-36 on Brimfield Street and Wolcott Hill Road [East […]

Chapter III – Substantially Correct Information

Fortunately for me the Wethersfield Town Clerk’s Office is staffed by a group of women who have pretty much heard all the possible off-the-wall questions from the most neophyte researchers. And are able to answer these queries with patience and direct us to the appropriate resources, while at the same time issuing marriage licenses to […]

Chapter II – A Certain Parcel of Land

According to our mortgage dated April 13, 1977 we had acquired: “A certain piece or parcel of land with the buildings thereon situated in said Town of Wethersfield, known as 284 Brimfield Road and as portions of Lots 50, 51 and 52 shown on a certain map entitled ‘Brimfield Gardens Add. Property of Lucy E. […]

Chapter I – The Colour of History

When Marsha and I bought our house on the corner of Brimfield Road and Folly Brook Boulevard in Wethersfield we had neither the time nor the inclination to pay attention to the history of either our new abode or the area in which it resides. There was after all no “Battle of Brimfield Road”, or […]

Acknowledgements – Jim Meehan

Jim Meehan and his wife Marsha joined the Wethersfield Historical Society in 2006 after retiring from careers in Information Technology at The Travelers. In addition to the historical society Jim is a member of the Mens Garden Club of Wethersfield where he edits the newsletter and writes a monthly column; The Wethersfield Beautification Trust where […]