Captain John Hurlbut’s Tea Caddy

Care for a cup of tea? At the turn of the 19th century it was not quite as easy to obtain the medicinal and pricey tea leaves as it is today. A mariner would have to bring tea back to America from the Orient, a long and treacherous journey. Once the tea was obtained you […]

About the Author: Tom Gworek

Tom Gworek grew up in Wethersfield and has practiced dentistry here for 51 years.  He has been involved in many community and professional activities over the years including a seven year stretch on the Board of Education.  He now divides his time between working part-time and being a docent and a member of the Advisory […]

The End Seemed to Come Quickly

Slowly, like the month of March after a long winter, the dark days of the war seemed to lighten as the news from both fronts became more and more positive. The pace seemed to pick up and people talked about the war with a more optimistic tilt. My father received letters from my Uncle all […]

Helmets in the Fog

As any reader is tired of hearing, before television we had to read the newspapers for news. The radio was another source and there was Life magazine, which had wonderful, full pages of news pictures, but if you wanted life-like, action pictures you had to see the newsreels that preceded every movie. They were in […]

Potatoes, Stars and Stickers

My father’s small garden took over most of the back yard as he turned it into a Victory Garden. The idea being that the more we grew for ourselves the more we could send to our troops. We had beans, tomatoes, corn and even potatoes! I was amazed to learn they grew in the ground! […]

Uncle Al Goes to War

The thing I remember most about the war was how pervasive it was. The movies, books, newspapers and radio all seemed to be about the war and if we should forget about it for a minute there were those posters reminding us about the three bad countries we were fighting represented by their evil leaders […]