Terramuggas: Sachem of the Wongunks

Wongunks in Pyquag Residents often forget that the European migration and settlement of Connecticut was not the beginning of this land’s history. Native Americans can be traced long before John Oldham and the Adventurers. The first Native Americans are believed to have arrived about ten thousand years ago when the melting of the glaciers opened […]

About the Author: Donna Hemmann

Donna Herold Hemmann grew up in Wethersfield. She moved to Griswoldville when she was 8 years old, into a Griswold House built in approx. 1820.  It was a peach farm in its day.  Her dad, John Herold grew up down the street, on Griswold Road.  Donna is an RN, who went back to school for […]

Griswoldville, Connecticut (1680-1987)

[The following article was written in 1987 by Donna Hemmann.] “Griswoldville, Connecticut.”  When did it come about?    Where is it located?    Having grown up in this part of Wethersfield and having lived in a house built by James Griswold, II, about 1820, this area of town has much interest to me. This paper will discuss […]