About the Author: Amy Gagnon

Amy Gagnon completed her Master’s work in Public History at Central Connecticut State University in 2010 and will be presenting her capstone project, a National Register nomination for the Temple Street Garage, in October 2011. Amy currently works as a researcher and writer for the Connecticut Humanities Council on a soon-to-be-released digital history project about […]

Wethersfield Prison Blues – Additional Notes

Wethersfield Historical Society member John Oblak contributed the following additional notes. Brenda Milkofsky [former WHS Director] gave a lecture a number of years ago on the opening of the prison. The 81 prisoners – men, women and children – were marched to Wethersfield from Old Newgate in Granby. The youngest was a lad of about […]

Wethersfield Prison Blues

In September 1827, the newly constructed Connecticut State Prison opened its doors to eighty-one inmates once housed at Newgate Prison in Granby. The prison was modeled after a state-of-the-art penitentiary in New York, and the prison’s administration stressed prisoner rehabilitation during incarceration: prisoners labored by day to learn a trade, were allowed plenty of fresh […]