Supplementary Remarks on the Old Bridge

Supplementary remarks from WHS member John Oblak. “I was fascinated to read about the Old Bridge Restaurant.  The owner’s hometown of Mostar takes its name from the Old Bridge (Stari Most). It was built in 1566 on the orders of Suleiman the Magnificent. We visited Mostar in 1983. Stari Most is a beautiful, classic example […]

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Articles from the Community: The membership of Wethersfield Historical Society is passionate about the town’s history, often inspiring individuals to conduct research on their own about topics of particular interest. Articles from the Community by Time Period (1600’s / 1700’s / 1800’s / 1900’s) 1600’s  A Birds-eye View of Wethersfield’s History: by Phil Lohman – […]

About the Author: John C. Willard

JOHN WILLARD’s (1892-1976) contributions to his native community of Wethersfield, Ct., were many, and included his work on the Historic District Commission, Park Board, Recreation Committee, Cemetery Association, Historic Foundation, and as the Tree Warden. ‘These volunteer positions coincided with his work as an employee of Comstock, Ferre & Co (1912-57), the nation’s oldest seed […]

Horribles Parade

“Parade of horribles” originally referred to a literal parade of people wearing comic and grotesque costumes, rather like the Philadelphia Mummers Parade. It was a traditional feature of Fourth of July parades in parts of the United States in the nineteenth century, and “Horribles Parades” continue to be part of the Independence Day celebration in […]

Horseradish King

There used to be town meetings in Wethersfield.  At these meetings all town matters were presented and discussed.  One man could be counted upon to get on his feet whenever any major appropriation came to the floor.  He was a solidly built man of medium height, neat but not flashily dressed, with the red brown […]

A History of Franklin Avenue

When Italy won the World Cup Soccer Championship in 2006, Italians from Hartford’s suburbs rushed to their old home to celebrate.Young and old waved Italian flags, screamed mightily for their team, Gli Azzuri, and paraded through the street for hours on end as if Expresso Latino, Colombian Cuisine, Bosnia Market, and other non-Italian establishments did […]

About the Author: Jim Meehan

Jim Meehan and his wife Marsha joined the Wethersfield Historical Society in 2006 after retiring from careers in Information Technology at The Travelers. In addition to the historical society Jim is a member of the Men’s Garden Club of Wethersfield where he edits the newsletter and writes a monthly column; The Wethersfield Beautification Trust where […]

Griswoldville Walk Photos

Stones from original mill along the banks of Goff Brook. 1800’s cement dam. Dam into Bell Pond Stones from original earthen dam on Highland Street Remnants of Griswoldville Manufacturing Company Remnants of Griswoldville Manufacturing Company Go the “About the Author” Return to the Wethersfield Historical Society home page.

About the Authors: Jared B. Standish & John C. Willard

JARED BUTLER STANDISH (1866-1961) was a nationally known wood engraver and student of early Connecticut history.  With Mrs. Standish he was instrumental in reorganizing the Wethersfield Village Improvement Society (later Wethersfield Park Board) and contributed to the development of recreational areas in the town and was active in the acquisition of the Mill Woods property […]

The Wethersfield Elms

The following article, written by John C. Willard in December 1968, is from the archives of Wethersfield Historical Society. Not many years ago the presence of great cathedral arches of greenery along New England streets in towns and even cities was as common and as distinctive a feature as white painted houses and white church […]