About the Author: Paul Courchaine

Paul Courchaine is a student of “foodways“, the study of the foods we ate and how we came to eat them. He has taught classes in this, particularly hearth cooking, for the Wethersfield Historical Society and The Culinary Historians of Connecticut. He is also the author of two series on cooking for Wethersfield Life. He […]

About the Author: Thomas H. Alton

I was born on January 9, 1958 in Manchester, Connecticut, a city located about eight miles east of Hartford.  I grew up in Bolton, a small rural town just east of Manchester.   My parents were chiropractors and had their practices in Bolton.   After I attended local schools in Bolton and Manchester, I went on […]

A Boyhood Visit to G. Fox & Company

A few weeks ago, I visited the Connecticut Historical Society in Hartford to listen to the oral histories of people who had worked at the G. Fox & Company department store in Hartford.  The workers, ranging from a member of the store’s maintenance team to that of the store’s executive training squad, enjoyed working at […]

Wethersfield Street Life, 1634-1995

We walk, whiz, or otherwise pass by these places daily or weekly.  We may go past them from season to season.  The names are familiar perhaps, but where did they come from?  Mill Woods, Treat Road, Great Meadow Road, and on and on.  Behind these names are good stories that help make Wethersfield life just […]

Foodways: The Culinary History of Wethersfield

By Paul Courchaine In the mid 1990’s many long-settled communities along the Eastern seaboard – Plymouth, Williamsburg, St. Mary’s City, to name a few – established programs called “Foodways”, exploring the history, and in some cases, re-creating the foods used throughout the years in these communities. Culinary Historian Paul Courchaine began Wethersfield’s own “Foodways” with […]

A Whaling Family

Wethersfield was closely connected with maritime affairs in the early days, but it was hardly to be expected that it would be involved with whaling.  True, the first ship built in Connecticut at Wethersfield; the Tryall, was commissioned for whaling, the first whaler in New England.  But this was not the kind of whaling that […]

About the Author: Jim Meehan

Jim Meehan and his wife Marsha joined the Wethersfield Historical Society in 2006 after retiring from careers in Information Technology at The Travelers. In addition to the historical society Jim is a member of the Men’s Garden Club of Wethersfield where he edits the newsletter and writes a monthly column; The Wethersfield Beautification Trust where […]