Connecticut at War: 1634 – 1781

Connecticut’s first military episode was the Pequot War of 1637.  The Pequots were a war-like, break-away band of Mohegan Indians originally from the Hudson Valley of New York. They had been in Connecticut since 1600 and feared an English threat to their territories. Between 1634 and the start of the war, they had killed traders […]

Black History in Wethersfield

From the pages of Connecticut’s 1790 census spring the names of Wethersfield’s 5 free black families.  From this same document comes the enumeration of 87 other people listed simply as slaves.  Slaves in Wethersfield?  Most assuredly.  The earliest known record of slave ownership in Wethersfield appears in the 1662 will of John Latimer.  His household […]

About the Author: Gary "Pops" Goldberg-O'Maxfield

Gary “Pops” Goldberg-O’Maxfield of Hartford is a member of the Society of American Baseball Research (SABR) and he has been researching baseball in Connecticut for over a decade. He has written numerous articles on baseball and is writing a Connecticut baseball book for Wesleyan University Press. Goldberg-O’Maxfield is also co-founder and Commissioner of the Friends […]

Wethersfield's Glorious Baseball History

The Strange and Ancient Yankee Game Called Wicket, the Old Broad Street Grounds, The Life and Death of Charley Onions and Other True Stories from Wethersfield’s Glorious Baseball History Copyright 2011 by Gary “Pops” Goldberg-O’MaxfieldSABR Member, Baseball Historian and Commissioner of the Friends of Vintage Base Ball, Inc. Wethersfield’s Ancient Sports History There is hidden […]