Castle On the Cove: the Connecticut State Prison and Wethersfield

The Connecticut State Prison located on State Street overlooking the Connecticut River opened for operation on October 1, 1827 with 121 inmates under the care of Warden Moses Pillsbury. This new Prison replaced the outdated Newgate Prison in Simsbury (presently East Granby) that had operated from 1773 to 1827 in the subterranean copper mines. The […]

A Brief History of Wethersfield United Methodist Church

by Grace Hayes In 1790 the first Methodist sermon was preached in Wethersfield by Jesse Lee in the North Brick School House, now the site of Standish Park. For several years itinerant preachers came to Wethersfield until 1821 when the Rev. William S Pease was appointed as circuit preacher for Wethersfield, Newington, New Britain, and […]

Still Fighting Fires After All These Years

Still Fighting Fires After All These Years By Nora Howard Since 1803, Wethersfield’s Volunteer Fire Department has been responding to fires, floods, and other disasters. But the modern department has little in common with the old one, except for the dedication, pride and bravery of its volunteers. The organization began in a time when the […]