Wethersfield Evangelical Free Church

by Robert F. Deasy Jr. [For those unfamiliar, following is a brief history of the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) as told on the website of Christ Community Church of Sioux City, Iowa. (http://christccevfree.org/bic/section3.pdf)  By the mid 1800s many believers in the Lutheran church of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark were becoming dissatisfied because of […]

Mill Woods Park: A History

by Jim Meehan “Het Up For Fair” “Your ear for a minute, please, a bit of space in your paper if possible in these days of shortage, for I am het up for fair. “Wethersfield has before it a proposition of tremendous import as clearly delineated by the Park Board and Town Plan Commission before […]

Wintergreen Woods: A History

by Jim Meehan It All Began with Ice The“Recreational Facilities” portion of the Wethersfield Connecticut official town website describes Wintergreen Woods as “110.0 acres containing open space and nature trails”.  The park’s main entrance is located at the north end of the portion of Folly Brook Boulevard that extends in that direction from Welles Road […]

Wethersfield’s Top Ten Natural Disasters

by Jim Meehan Introduction: A Tornado, Here in Wethersfield?“ “A great thunderstorm; an extensive flood; a desolating hurricane; a sudden and intense frost; an overwhelming snowstorm; a sultry day – each of these different scenes exhibits singular beauties in spite of the damage they cause.  Often while the heart laments the loss of the citizen, […]

Thomas Hickey: George Washington’s Wethersfield Kidnapper

by Jim Meehan “Do You Know About Thomas Hickey?” “I noticed that you’re from Wethersfield, Connecticut.” I was standing, empty-plate-in-hand, in the breakfast buffet line at an Elderhostel Golf program and the person talking to me was Sol Henner, a self-described retired Revolutionary War historian. He continued, “Do you know about Thomas Hickey?” I ran […]

George Whitefield – The Billy Graham of Colonial America

George Whitefield – The Billy Graham of Colonial America by Thomas S. Kidd This month [December] marks the tricentennial of the birth of the most famous man in America before the Revolution. George Whitefield, born on Dec. 16, 1714, was a Church of England minister who led the Great Awakening, a series of Christian revivals […]

Francesco A. Lentini, Three Legged Wonder

by Jim Meehan “The past is everything that ever happened to anyone anywhere. There is much too much history to remember all of it. So how do we make choices about what is worth remembering? Significant events include those that resulted in great change over long periods of time for large numbers of people. World […]

About the Author: Robert Deasy Jr.

Robert, a former forty-nine year member of Wethersfield Evangelical Free Church compiled the data for the article on the church’s history as the church historian. Historically speaking, the highlight of the church history was the One Hundredth Anniversary, celebrated in 1988 with national, state and local participation. More recently was the get-together of church members […]