Preserving and promoting Wethersfield’s history and culture to inspire people today and tomorrow.


Established in 1932, Wethersfield Historical Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit, membership-supported organization in one of Connecticut’s first and most historic towns. The society owns two historic houses: the Hurlbut-Dunham andCapt. James Francis Houses; and manages four properties owned by the town: The Wethersfield Museum and Visitor Center at the Keeney Memorial Cultural Center, the historic Cove Warehouse, the Old Academy and theDeming-Standish House. The Old Academy is used for the society’s offices and library. Museum collections are stored at the Keeney Memorial, which also has public exhibits and meeting rooms. The society also hosts a variety of historical and cultural programs for the greater community.


Legendary People, Ordinary Lives is a permanent exhibition on Wethersfield’s history at the museum in the Keeney Memorial. Temporary exhibits from the society’s collections, traveling exhibitions with a local connection, and those generated by the community complete the museum’s exhibition schedule.


The society has an active educational program including evening and weekend lectures and concerts for adults, in-school and on-site programs for school groups, walking tours, tours of the historic properties, and special events. New programs for families and children extend the society’s public service in a deliberate effort to reach out more effectively to the entire community.


The society’s collections include more than 7,000 objects, primarily from the 19th century, on exhibition in the historic houses, museums, or in storage. The library includes 100 linear feet of manuscripts, over 1,000 photographs and 1,000 books on history and genealogy.