About the Author: Donna Hemmann

Donna Herold Hemmann grew up in Wethersfield. She moved to Griswoldville when she was 8 years old, into a Griswold House built in approx. 1820.  It was a peach farm in its day.  Her dad, John Herold grew up down the street, on Griswold Road.  Donna is an RN, who went back to school for her bachelors degree. In the pursuit of that degree, one of the classes that she did take, was the History of Connecticut, with Dr. Robert O. Decker, at CCSU. Her charge was a paper and oral presentation of something about Connecticut.  Donna chose to do a history of Griswoldville, which consisted of the paper, some oral interviews with neighborhood residents and pictures of the historic homes. (Those pictures got misplaced when borrowed).  There is a lot of town history in Griswoldville that people often don’t realize, as the focus is often about old Wethersfield.  Enjoy the brief overview presented.  Donna is currently serving as a Town Councilor and Mayor of Wethersfield from 2009- 2011.

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