Another Odds-defying Event at Wethersfield Country Club

Additional Remarks inspired by “Fairway 6″ from Wethersfield Historical Society and Wethersfield Country Club member Dr. Bob Fisher

You might be interested to know that Bill Whedon shot two holes in one on the same round at the Wethersfield Country Club several years ago (The pro-am round of the GHO).  This is in Ripleys.  

As reported in Sports Illustrated on September 19, 1955, “Bill Whedon, a 28-year-old oil salesman from West Hartford, Conn., astounded himself, his wife and the golfing world by shooting two holes-in-one in the first round of the $20,000 Insurance City Open at Wethersfield, Conn. Bill used a five-iron for his hole-in-one on the 168-yard 5th (the first ace in his life) and a three-iron on the 208-yard 9th. But he finished the round with a 75, four over par. His wife Polly, who ran out to the course when she heard the news, said breathlessly, ‘He was so excited I can’t remember what he said.'”

According to Golf Digest magazine, the odds of two holes-in-one in one round are 67 million-to-1.

Weldon’s odds-defying feat was not only a first for Wethersfield Country Club, but for the entire PGA golf tour.  However, unlike the town’s meteorites and country club plane crashes, it was not repeated here eleven years later – and has only occurred two other times since on the tour.


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