Connecticut 13th Volunteer Regiment

Connecticut 13th
Volunteer Regiment had 9 Wethersfield men and had parallel service with
the 12th being recruited in New Haven.

Name / Date Enlisted / Unit / Date Out / Reason Out / Comment

  1. Carter, James W. 2/5/62 Company A Trans. From 1st Conn.Volls,
    disc Disab 5/24/63
  2. Deming, Francis 3/15/62 Company A Cpl
    W,D, 9/19/64 Winchester, VA disc.7/24/64
  3. Dow, Newell 12/13/61
    Company A Disc. 6/24/62, re-enlist. Co. D 22nd C.V.
  4. Harlow,
    Edward 12/22/61 Company A Disab. Disc. 5/31/62 to 1st Heavy Art.
  5. Hogan, Martin 12/22/61 Company E Cav. 5/24/63,
    pard. 7/2/63, deserted 8/27/64
  6. Williams, Charles 12/10/61
    Company F 1st Sgt. Reduced rank? 6/27/62, joined CT 5, disch.8/28/62
  7. Rhodes, Charles 9/24/61 Company F Trans. To Batt. 12/29/64
  8. Gladden, Azariah 12/5/61 Company A Disc. Disab. 7/31/62

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