Connecticut 1st Cavalry Volunteer Regiment

Connecticut 1st
Cavalry Volunteer Regiment fought unsuccessfully against Stonewall
Jackson in his famous Shenandoah Valley Campaign and successfully with
General Phil Sheridan in his later cleanup of the Valley and in the
campaign to the end of the war in West Virginia. There were six
Wethersfield men in this regiment.

Name / Date Enlisted / Unit / Date Out / Reason Out /

  1. Blake, Charles L. 12/1/63 ?
  2. Blake, Chester 12/1/63 ?
  3. Hammond, William F. 4/9/64 Company M
    M.O. 8/2/65
  4. Lyon, John M. 12/30/63 ? M.O.
    8/2/65 From Corp. 1/18/64, Sgt. 7/1/65
  5. Palmer, William H.
    4/1/64 Company G Trans. To Reg. 4/7/64 Failed to Report
  6. Welles, Henry C. 11/26/61 Company C Dics. Disa.

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