Connecticut 7th Volunteer Regiment

Connecticut 7th
Volunteer Regiment was one of the first regiments that reflected the
realism that it would not be a short war. Enlistments were for 3 years.
There were 20 Wethersfield men who were part of this unit. They spent
the early part of their service in the sea islands of South Carolina and
Georgia. Two Wethersfield men died on Hilton Head Island where no
fighting was being done. This is an example that disease was a major
killer of the Civil War soldiers. Later in that war they fought in the Richmond-Petersburg campaign,
suffering deaths, wounds and capture. Desertions were higher in this
regiment including three Wethersfield men who did not return to their
units after recovery from wounds.

Name / Date Enlisted / Unit / Date Out / Reason Out / Comment

  1. Aldrich, Edward 11/4/64 Company H M.O. 7/20/65
  2. Bluff,
    Henry 11/5/64 Company H Deserted 2/8/65
  3. Briggs, George
    2/12/64 Company I Wounded 9/29/64 Cahpins Farms. Trans from Hosp
    10/18/64, failed to Desc.
  4. Campbell, Robert 2/13/64 Company F
    Captured 5/16/64 Drewrys Blu??, Died andersonville 8/31/64
  5. Coogan,
    James 8/26/64 Company F Deserted 11/6/64
  6. Colvin, George
    9/7/61 Company B Died Hilton Head 12/19/62
  7. Hayworth, Andrew
    11/11/64 Company H Furloughed 2/1/65 from Hosp., failed to return
  8. Howard, John 2/12/64 Company I Wounded 9/64 Chapins Farms,
    trans from Hosp. 12/13/64, Died ???
  9. Hubbard, William 9/7/61
    Company B Died Hilton Head 10/8/62
  10. Kearney, Francis
    11/11/64 Company G Cpl. M.O, 7/20/65
  11. Lamphere, James
    10/21/62 Company H Cpl. 5/12/64, W.O. 8/16/64, Disc 5/30/64 ???Rub VA
  12. Richards, Samuel 2/15/64 Company C M.O. 7/20/65
  13. Riley,
    John 2/16/64 Company B Captured Hatchers Run 6/2/64, In??? 12/11/64,
    M.O. 7/20/65
  14. Root, Caleb 11/12/62 Company F Died 3/13/64
  15. Sherman, William 11/18/64 Company F Disc 7/3/65
  16. Smith,
    James 8/26/64 Company F M.O. 7/20/65
  17. Smith, Joseph 2/12/64
    Company B Captured Hatchers Run 6/2/64, In??? 12/11/64, M.O. 7/20/65
  18. Vischer, Louis 2/15/64 Company B Deserted 10/6/64
  19. Wadsworth,
    Horace 9/7/61 Company B M.O. 7/20/65
  20. Wells, Edward 9/7/61
    Company B Pro from Sgt to Master Sgt Disc. 9/12/64

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