Other Regiments

Other Wethersfield
men served in some non-Connecticut units and 4 men served in the Navy
including Sherman Adams who was Asst. P.M. of the Gunboat Somerset doing
blockade duty along the Florida peninsula.

Name / Date Enlisted / Unit / Date Out /
Reason Out / Comment

  1. Adams, Sherman 11/20/62
    Acting Asst. P.M. Gunboat Sumerset Res. 10/11/64
  2. Dwight,
    Gilbert 4th Ohio Company K Died 7/14/62, Lewisville,
  3. Doldrick, John 6/20/63 Seaman U.S. St,
    Steamers Catskil & Dinsmore
  4. Griswold, Wait R. ? 86
    U.S. Colored from 22nd
  5. McLaughlin, John
    4/28/64 Trans. From 7th navy Minnesota Malvernes?
  6. Lightfoot,
    John 2/9/64 3rd Reg. Colored Company C; 31st Regiment, Colored
    Company D
  7. Simpson, David Trans. To Navy
    5/3/64 Trans from 8th Regiment
  8. Phelps, John
    9/23/61 14th U.S. Infantry Company B Sgt 3/1/62 1st Sgt. 7/1/64
    wounded? Disc. 9/23/64
  9. Galligher, George Company B
    16th W.S. IFA?

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