Postscript and Bibliography

My research has answered the questions which prompted this exercise plus several others that never would have occurred to me had I not begun this quest. And as such ventures often do it has also opened up new areas for further exploration.

Like some bizarre form of jigsaw puzzle that generates new pieces each time a section is completed, historical research is a self-perpetuating, ongoing quest for all those facts out there somewhere waiting to tell us about their past in how we got to where we are today. And looking for an author to piece the plot of the story together.


Borrup, Roger “The First 100 Years, Transit to Wethersfield”, originally published in “The Transportation Bulletin” no. 7, September 1969-August 1970.
Published by the Connecticut Valley Chapter, Inc. of the National Railway Historical Society. – Library of Wethersfield Historical Society

Minutes of the Metropolitan District Commission: July 10, 1933; April 1, 1935; November 18, 1935 The Metropolitan District Commission

“Plan of A Residence Suburb Wethersfield Connecticut”, 1928 Library of Wethersfield Historical Society

“Rate Book List of 1930 – Town of Wethersfield” Library of Wethersfield Historical Society

“Tax Records – Town of Wethersfield” Library of Wethersfield Historical Society

1920 State of Connecticut Comptroller’s Report

Sanborn Fire Insurance Rate Map Library of Wethersfield Historical Society

“1934 Aerial map” UCONN MAGIC Historical Online Mapping [Online] Available

“Connecticut Roads” [Online] Available,

“Historical U.S. Census Totals for Hartford County, Connecticut [Online] Available

“Silas Deane Highway” [Online] Available

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