Wintergreen Woods Timeline

First map of Wethersfield labels Wintergreen Woods area as “The Great West Field”, “Tappin’s Hill” (Topping) and Wilderness

Idealized map by J. Standish (1980) labels Wintergreen Woods area as “Great West Swamp” and “Wolf Swamp”

Charles Woodward purchases land that will later become part of park

“Plan of A Residence Suburb – Wethersfield, Connecticut” recommends Goodwin Park Extension

March 9: Seven Lots acquired by Wethersfield
July 9:  Twenty-five Lots acquired by Wethersfield

June 30:  Thirty-six Lots acquired by Wethersfield
July 30: Two Lots acquired by Wethersfield
Charles Woodward sells 30.32 acres to Wethersfield

July 16: Two Lots acquired by Wethersfield
August 25: Two Lots acquired by Wethersfield
December 5: “Park Acreage in Wethersfield” memo by Town Engineer does not list Wintergreen Woods

Annual Report “Origin of Our parks lists Mill Woods, Hanmer, Stnadish & Warehouse Parks – no Wintergreen Woods

10 acres was purchased for Pine Acres Country Club

October 27: One Lot acquired by Wethersfield
June: Pine Acres Opens (per 4/21/58 Courant)

January 21: Two Lots acquired by Wethersfield
“The  Report on Planning” lists Wintergreen Woods as “to be acquired”

November 10: Three vacant land parcels acquired by town and incorporated into park
November 21: Advisory Recreation and park Board recommends action on the Allen report
December 4: Town Council gets request to give Folly Brook park its old name of Wintergreen Woods
December 16: One more vacant land parcel incorporated into park by town
Report created for a long range plan for including a proposal for a
wildlife area in southern wintergreen Woods swamp with a series of
trails and catwalks for observation – Folly Brook Park
December 18:
Town Council refers request to give Folly Brook park its old name of
Wintergreen Woods to Parks & Rec for comments

February 26: One vacant land parcel taken over by Wethersfield and included into park
25: Plan for future recreational use of Folly Brook Park by Village
Improvement Assn. INFORMALLY presented to town Parks & Rec

A Nature Day Camp began by Barbara Brown, a teacher at Emerson School which is adjacent to the park
January 21: Town Council approves name change from Folly Brook park to Wintergreen Woods Park

October 9: Two Lots acquired by Wethersfield

order to get some definite proposals, Village Improvement Associates
hires Morton Fine Associates to develop a more detailed plan of the
Southern end of Wintergreen Woods
August 18: Tour of design area by all interested persons to judge impact of plan
September 7: Tacit approval by Council of the Fine Plan

May 15: Council appropriates funds for approved Fine Plan

February 20: Bids for work exceeds appropriations

15: Conservation Committee persuades the Advisory Recreation and Park
Board (Dicorli Plan) to request a study by the State Board to request a
study by the State Board of Fisheries and Game of the park
Dam proposed on Folly Brook Pond by DiCorli and deepening of lake by 2ft

March 7: Report received from Connecticut Board of Fisheries and Game
May 20: contract signed for construction of concrete weir for the dam proposed in the Fine and DiCorli reports

Stream channel deepened from Crest to Wells Farm
Weir finished
Dam built, pond deepend Area 1 (CCSU Grad report p. 19)
Purcell Report proposes that land should be used for development of residential housing

Wintergreen Woods Study Committee forms
Committee advises Parks and Recreation Department that full-time naturalist should be employed by the Town of Wethersfield
April: stream channel deepened from Wells Farm to Wells
Wintergreen Woods committee advises that park should be designated as natural preserve
Committee also advises that permanent citizens group be formed to oversee park’s use for educational and contemplative purposes
Skating pond proposed for northwest section of park

Siah St. Claire is hired as the first town naturalist
Ecological Affairs Committee forms
Parking area built off Folly Brook Blvd.
February 9: Bill Tompkins proposes a skating pond in north, and cross-country skiing trails
Again funds are allotted, but town citizens vote against making any changes to the park
Southern pond improved/deepened – weir installed (CCSU Grad Rpt p 20)

First temporary Nature Center was established at Stillman School, which kick starts the Ecological Affairs Committee

April 19-21: First nature Center officially opens (Weth. Post)

Four sites proposed for the Nature Center within Wintergreen Woods
October 17:  Wethersfield Post photo of boys on raft “on the new pond established…in Wintergreen Woods.”

Friends of the Nature Center is formed

March: Siah St. Clair resigns position as town naturalist
May: Edward Ruth is hired as town naturalist
October: Edward Ruth  resigns position as town naturalist
October: Paul Krashefski named temporary town naturalist
December: Nature Center moves to Community Center

March: Paul Krashefski named permanent town naturalist

Wood chips put on trails and yearly maintenance begins through the help of volunteers
White trail (now defunct) constructed by Boy Scout Rich Antaya

Again pond was proposed for northern section of Wintergreen Woods

Seasonal walks conducted by current town Naturalist Paul Krashefski

September: Paul Krashefski resigns as town naturalist

January: Ricky Duffy named town naturalist
March 19: Wethersfield acquired 2.69 acres to make the park and even 110 acres
Nature Center Referendum was denied

July: Rick Duffy resigns as town naturalist
September: Laura Briggs named town naturalist

Three New bridges proposed, and built, and three bridges prepared

July: Laura Briggs resigns as town naturalist
November: Christopher Shephard named town naturalist

June 26: Tornado hits Wethersfield and high winds cause damage in Wintergreen Woods
July: One lot purchased by town of Wethersfield

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