A Brief History of Wethersfield United Methodist Church

by Grace Hayes In 1790 the first Methodist sermon was preached in Wethersfield by Jesse Lee in the North Brick School House, now the site of Standish Park. For several years itinerant preachers came to Wethersfield until 1821 when the Rev. William S Pease was appointed as circuit preacher for Wethersfield, Newington, New Britain, and […]

Still Fighting Fires After All These Years

Still Fighting Fires After All These Years By Nora Howard Since 1803, Wethersfield’s Volunteer Fire Department has been responding to fires, floods, and other disasters. But the modern department has little in common with the old one, except for the dedication, pride and bravery of its volunteers. The organization began in a time when the […]

About the Author: Grace Hayes

Grace Hayes has been a member of Wethersfield United Methodist Church since she relocated here in 1975. She grew up in Hartford and worked as an RN in Texas and the Carolinas while her late first husband served as a USMC pilot. She and her husband Gerry raised their three children here. Grace worked in […]

Issacson’s Field Plane Crash

I can tell you there was one other airplane crash in Wethersfield sometime in the early part of 1924. My grandfather, was a Lieutenant in the Army Air Corps and the NY Air National Guard. In an article from a newsletter “Published Weekly by the 27th Division, Air Service Units”, the article mentions that he […]

Wethersfield’s “Other” Plane Accidents

Although Wethersfield is certainly not Connecticut’s “Bermuda Triangle” the town has seen a number of other aeronautical accidents anomalies in addition to the “Fairway 6” and “Isaacson’s Field” incidents. An Abrupt Termination (12/19/1928) The headline and sub-headlines from the Hartford Courant told most of the story – “Mrs. Smith’s Plane Lost, Forced Down; Pilot Flying […]

WHS Board Scholarship 2014 Winning Essay

The Governing and Advisory Boards of Wethersfield Historical Society  award a scholarship to a graduating High School Senior. To be eligible students must have volunteered at the historical society and/or any taken the Wethersfield High School’s  Wethersfield Studies class. The recipient is then chosen on the basis of a short essay submitted to our committee. […]

Who is the First Town in Connecticut Anyway?

Who is first? It is the question that people of Wethersfield and Windsor love to ask and answer. Recently Mike Townsend, a videographer for Fox News Connecticut explored this topic on his segment “Hidden History.” (Windsor Weights In and Wethersfield is First!) Wethersfield, Windsor, Hartford all weighed in to claim the title of first in […]

A Cell from Wethersfield Prison

Among the remarkable objects in Wethersfield Historical Society’s museum collection are cells from the Connecticut State Prison. Many visitors may have previously viewed sections of a cell on display in 2007 following its donation from the Town of Coventry. The cell walls will once again be on display in the upcoming Connecticut State Prison exhibition […]

The Revolutionary Life of Samuel Blachley Webb

By Linda Pagliuco As long as it shall stand, the Joseph Webb house on Main Street in Wethersfield will be firmly linked to the name of George Washington. Fewer people know, however, that when Washington was inaugurated as the first president of the newly created United States of America, the Bible upon which he took […]

A Birds-eye View of Wethersfield’s History

The following set of maps were created by Phil Lohman, artist and Wethersfield resident.  These birds-eye views are intended to depict, in fifty year increments, the development of Wethersfield and to highlight some noteworthy events.  Please click on the illustration for a larger view. The maps and accompanying text were originally published in the Town of Wethersfield’s 2013 […]