The Welles Family and the Establishment of Newington

by Barbara J. Mathews, CGN Newington is a daughter town of Wethersfield. Like so many daughter towns, it was originally set out as additional farmlands for the inhabitants of Wethersfield then became a new parish and finally an independent town. The first lay-out of lands was for mile-wide a strip of land on the west […]

The First Church of Christ

by Henry von Wodtke Source       The English men and women who founded the Town of Wethersfield and this church were endeavoring, as they saw it, “to maintain and preserve the liberty and purity of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus.” These words come from the preamble to the Fundamental Orders adopted in 1639 by […]

About the Author: Henry von Wodtke

Henry von Wodtke is a retired corporate lawyer, author and member of Glastonbury Historical Society and The First Church of Christ, Wethersfield.  He is the author of the book “Why God? Overcoming Obstacles to Faith” and various historical and religious articles.

Religion in Glastonbury: the Congregationalists

by Henry von Wodtke [Glastonbury, Newington and Rocky Hill Connecticut are all daughter towns of Wethersfield – each with its own story.] The need for early Congregationalists to participate weekly in public worship was a major factor in causing Glastonbury to break away from Wethersfield.  On Sundays, if at all possible, Congregationalists attended both morning […]

About the Author: Lois Wieder

Lois Weider was a fixture in Wethersfield preservation history volunteering at Wethersfield Historical Society, Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum and during the restoration of the First Church of Christ. Lois wrote “A Pleasant Land, A Goodly Heritage” in commemoration of the First Church of Christ in commemoration of the 350th anniversary. 

Uncle Sam Wants To Thank You Ralph Nelson For Your Art!

Hanging in the Rotary Room and nearby hallway of the Keeney Memorial Cultural Center are four murals painted by Ralph Nelson. Ralph Lewis Nelson (1885 -1967) painted these four murals of the founding of Wethersfield for the public schools in town as a commission by the Works Progress Administration’s Federal Art Project. Ralph Nelson, the […]

About the Authors: Ann Harrison & Mary Donohue

Ann Harrison is a freelance journalist and the Coordinator for the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route state project in Connecticut. Mary Donohue is the survey and grants director and architectural historian for the Historic Preservation & Museum Division of the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism. She is also co-author of “En Avant with our French Allies,” […]

The "Conference State"

By Ann Harrison and Mary Donohue (c) Connecticut Explored. Introduction and link provided with permission of Connecticut Explored. The following excerpt is from the article published in the Autumn 2005 issue of Hog River Journal (now called Connecticut Explored).  Here is the link to the entire article. Call it what you will: an alliance, a […]

Twentieth-Century Wethersfield

Twentieth-Century Wethersfield By Lois M. Wieder       This article is from a monograph on the history of First Church of Christ, Wethersfield and was written in 1985.  The full monograph is available at the Wethersfield Historical Society. (Click photos to enlarge)     Marked by periods of rapid growth and change, the twentieth century has been […]

About the Author: Elizabeth Abbe

Elizabeth Abbe is the Director of Public Outreach at the Connecticut Historical Society. Growing up, her family lived on Stillman Road in Wethersfield and she went to Charles Wright grammar school and Silas Dean middle school before moving to Glastonbury. Elizabeth graduated from Wells College and then received a Masters in Library Science at Simmons. […]