by Wes Christensen This is a narrative of Wethersfield’s participation in the great Civil War. [Approximately 200] Wethersfield men served in the war. At that time the population was 2,700 so more than 1/3 of the town’s able-bodied young men were in the war. Nine were African-Americans who were part of the Connecticut regiments consisting […]

Wethersfield's Civil War Participants

John Morris John Morris was Chaplain of the 22nd Connecticut Volunteer Regiment from May 1, 1862 until September of 1863. He was at the battle of Antietam and when the Regiment was in danger of being overwhelmed, he picked up a rifle and ammunition to protect himself.     Morris courted his bride-to-be, Emily ‘Gussie’ […]

Wethersfield Civil War Soldiers and Regiments

Name Unit Adams, Augustus Connecticut 10th Volunteer Regiment Adams, Ebenezer Connecticut 22nd Volunteer Regiment Adams, Edward Connecticut 27th Volunteer Regiment Adams, George Connecticut 22nd Volunteer Regiment Adams, Sherman Other Regiments Adams, Stoddard Connecticut 22nd Volunteer Regiment Aldrich, Edward Connecticut 7th Volunteer Regiment Archy, William Connecticut 29th Volunteer Regiment Baker, Charles L. Connecticut 1st Light Battery […]

Wethersfield Civil War Locations

The two locations that created the most despair for Wethersfield during the Civil War were Antietam and Andersonville. Men from here participated in most of the major battles in the East and many in the West, but the death and misery of these two locations was great. Four Connecticut regiments fought at Antietam, two men […]

Overview – Wethersfield and The Civil War

The American Civil War is generally accepted as the most traumatic event in this nation’s history. It radically changed the way we were governed, it delivered four million people from slavery and it sustained casualties of ? million dead from battle and disease. Wethersfield sent 193 men to this war of which 6 were killed, […]

Acknowledgements – Wes Christensen

Wesley R. Christensen was a son of Michigan. He knew that John Adams and victories in the War of 1812 secured the territory for our young nation. The landmark Northwest Ordinance of 1787 guaranteed freedom of religion, trial by jury, public education and banishment of slavery as asserted rights of its people. These principles were […]