Houses of Worship

By Joseph Loconte       The passion of American ministers for political freedom in 1776 reflected their belief in religious toleration. On Sunday morning, Jan. 21, 1776, at a church in Woodstock, Va., Rev. Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg brought his Sermon to a dramatic and unexpected crescendo. His text was taken from the book of Ecclesiastes. “The […]

Frank and Lou

Lucille Latanzio and Frank Casale:  “Frank and Lou”by Elizabeth Abbe (Click photos to enlarge.) This is a recollection by Elizabeth Abbe, of her neighbors who lived on Stillman Road in Wethersfield from 1936 to 1975 with historical context provided by Jim Meehan. In 1900 the population of Wethersfield was 2,637.  By 1940 it had increased […]

Hangdog Lane and Folly Brook Boulevard

by Jim Meehan Even though my wife Marsha and I do not live there, Hangdog Lane has long been my favorite street in our hometown of Wethersfield, Connecticut — not because of its location, or its appearance, or anything even remotely contemporary. It is totally the name – the kind of label that shouts out […]

Wethersfield Almshouse, 1843-44

by Nora Howard       In 1811, two years before Connecticut required each town to establish houses for the poor, Wethersfield opened its own.  Prior to this time, the state’s “workhouses” were generally part of the county jail system.  Beginning in 1838, the Wethersfield workhouse – also known as the almshouse – was located on a […]

Pardoning the Witches

Additional remarks by Jim Meehan “Nobody thinks that were these women witches anymore, so what’s the point? History proves they weren’t witches.”  (A modern day resident of Salem Massachusetts.)       Witch trials were held in Connecticut between 1647 and 1697 – five of them in the town of Wethersfield – Mary Johnson (1648), Joan & […]

About the Author: Chris Pagliuco

Chris Pagliuco is a freelance writer holds an MA in history from Trinity College. He teaches high school history in Madison, Connecticut and serves as town historian in Essex, Connecticut.  He is also a member of the editorial team of Connecticut Explored, a quarterly history publication. His publications include the book The Great Escape of […]

Connecticut's Witch Trials

By Chris Pagliuco    © Connecticut Explored. This article first appeared in the Winter 2007/08 issue of Hog River Journal (now Connecticut Explored). Reprinted by permission. Connecticut’s 17th-century witch trials have long been overshadowed by the more numerous and better publicized proceedings in Salem, Massachusetts. But Connecticut’s were among the first such trials in New […]

About the Author: Doug Maine

Doug Maine was a writer and editor with Life Publications from 2000 to 2012, covering Wethersfield and Rocky Hill for most of his tenure, writing about issues ranging from development and education to business, the arts, government and politics, in addition to penning human interest, feature and business stories. He holds a B.A. in Communications, […]

Town's Biggest Fire

By Doug Maine – July 2005 It is was early on a Friday night, May 20, 1955, and Gerard Stewart was dressed up and on his way to a greater Hartford Jaycees function when horns sounded, summoning volunteer firefighters.             In the days before volunteer firefighters had radios or beepers, Mr. Stewart, a member of […]

Another Odds-defying Event at Wethersfield Country Club

Additional Remarks inspired by “Fairway 6″ from Wethersfield Historical Society and Wethersfield Country Club member Dr. Bob Fisher You might be interested to know that Bill Whedon shot two holes in one on the same round at the Wethersfield Country Club several years ago (The pro-am round of the GHO).  This is in Ripleys.   […]