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Our hands-on programs and field trips are designed to enrich the social studies curriculum for students in grades pre-K through 12.

Reservations are required for all groups. For more information or to schedule a visit, please contact Cynthia Reyes, Education Assistant at 860.529.7161 or email Cynthia

  • Minimum group size is ten students.
  • Programs can be tailored to your students’ abilities.
  • One adult chaperone is required for every ten students, free of charge. The price for additional chaperones is $6.00 per chaperone.
  • Please notify us ahead of time if there are students with special needs.


Cookies Over the Coals

Children compare the 1793 kitchen of the James Francis House with their own and learn about the life of a family through the 1800s. They cut out cookies, bake them over the coals, and eat them with juice.

Victorian Christmas at the Francis House

Children see a Victorian Christmas tree and learn about Christmas customs of the times. Children listen to a holiday story and compare decorations and gifts with their own.

Cookies Over the Coals and Victorian Christmas are offered together as a one-hour program.

Victorian Playtime

Children play with toys popular during the Victorian era such as hoops, graces and marbles.

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Discovering Local History: Wethersfield Architectural Walking Tour

Students learn Wethersfield’s history through the comparison of several architectural features of early houses during their walk in Old Wethersfield. They will visit the sites of the Ten Adventurers and other local characters.

Wampum and Wigwams

Students are introduced to American Indian life in Wethersfield and Connecticut through an examination of objects that reflect everyday life among the Wongunk Indians who lived in the Wethersfield meadows 400 years before English settlers arrived.

Pyquag Fair

Students role play as residents of 1680s Wethersfield. Bringing their “goods” to market, they learn about 17th century trade, bartering and daily life.

Penmanship and Spelling in the One Room Schoolhouse

Students take the role of children in the Broad Street school of the 1890s by practicing handwriting skills using quill pens. They will compare and contrast their school experiences with those of their great-great-grandparents.

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The Witch of Blackbird Pond

Design your own day with five 45-minute programs to choose from:

Step-on Bus Tour: Transport your students to the sites in the story including a stop at the Cove Warehouse.

Story Detectives: Students search copies of original documents and other primary source material for evidence of the setting, character and plot in The Witch of Blackbird Pond.

Ancient Burying Ground Tour: Students learn how to use gravestones to discover clues to colonial life in Wethersfield.

Pyquag Fair: An exciting hands-on activity where students learn about trade and daily life through the barter of 17th century goods.

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Wethersfield Museum

Located in the Keeney Center, 200 Main Street, the museum has an orientation exhibition on Wethersfield, Legendary People, Ordinary Lives, and changing exhibits on a variety of topics.

James Francis House

Completed by this master builder in 1793, his restored brick home has original furnishings that trace the changing lifestyles of one family’s ownership over 170 years. Site of Cookies Over the Coals and Victorian Christmas.

Hurlbut-Dunham House

This elegant brick Georgian, located next to the Keeney Center, is used to interpret 20th century social history in Greater Hartford. The house contains the furniture and belongings of its last occupants, Howard and Jane Dunham, who lived in the house in the early 20th century.

Cove Warehouse

This building on the waterfront of Wethersfield Cove is used to interpret Wethersfield’s maritime trade with the West Indies that flourished between 1650 and 1830. It tells the story of the famous Red Onion trade, shipbuilding, privateers, fisheries and early yachts.


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