About the Authors: Jared B. Standish & John C. Willard

JARED BUTLER STANDISH (1866-1961) was a nationally known wood engraver and student of early Connecticut history.  With Mrs. Standish he was instrumental in reorganizing the Wethersfield Village Improvement Society (later Wethersfield Park Board) and contributed to the development of recreational areas in the town and was active in the acquisition of the Mill Woods property […]

About the Author: Greg Cunningham

Greg Cunningham spent the greatest moments of his life in Chicago, IL.  He was born and 6 months later he moved.  See I have a good sense of humor.  Yes that was the first of over 20 moves.  When my dad took a promotion it was not in the same building, but in a different state.  My […]

About the Author: Amy Gagnon

Amy Gagnon completed her Master’s work in Public History at Central Connecticut State University in 2010 and will be presenting her capstone project, a National Register nomination for the Temple Street Garage, in October 2011. Amy currently works as a researcher and writer for the Connecticut Humanities Council on a soon-to-be-released digital history project about […]

About the Author: Rafaele Fierro

Rafaele Fierro was born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut, the son of Italian immigrants. He went to Bulkeley High School in Hartford, got his B.A. from Trinity College in 1992 and his doctorate in immigration history from the University of Connecticut in 2000. He was inspired to to teach history while at Trinity by Professor […]

About the Author: James Smart

The ghost of William Beadle has flitted in and out of the consciousness of Wethersfield since he murdered his family on December 11, 1782.  To those growing up in Old Wethersfield, the macabre story seemed to be part of the DNA of the town, always lingering at the edge as a piece of the past […]

About the Author: Donna Hemmann

Donna Herold Hemmann grew up in Wethersfield. She moved to Griswoldville when she was 8 years old, into a Griswold House built in approx. 1820.  It was a peach farm in its day.  Her dad, John Herold grew up down the street, on Griswold Road.  Donna is an RN, who went back to school for […]

About the Author: Glenise Lee

Apart from a 4 year break in South Africa when I was newly married, I have lived in Leicestershire all my life. We moved to Blaby in 1973 when we returned from South Africa and in 1979, I took on the job of Clerk to Blaby Parish Council (i.e. the village council), which I did […]

About the Author: Tom Gworek

Tom Gworek grew up in Wethersfield and has practiced dentistry here for 51 years.  He has been involved in many community and professional activities over the years including a seven year stretch on the Board of Education.  He now divides his time between working part-time and being a docent and a member of the Advisory […]

Acknowledgements – Wes Christensen

Wesley R. Christensen was a son of Michigan. He knew that John Adams and victories in the War of 1812 secured the territory for our young nation. The landmark Northwest Ordinance of 1787 guaranteed freedom of religion, trial by jury, public education and banishment of slavery as asserted rights of its people. These principles were […]