About the Author: Donna Hemmann

Donna Herold Hemmann grew up in Wethersfield. She moved to Griswoldville when she was 8 years old, into a Griswold House built in approx. 1820.  It was a peach farm in its day.  Her dad, John Herold grew up down the street, on Griswold Road.  Donna is an RN, who went back to school for […]

Griswoldville, Connecticut (1680-1987)

[The following article was written in 1987 by Donna Hemmann.] “Griswoldville, Connecticut.”  When did it come about?    Where is it located?    Having grown up in this part of Wethersfield and having lived in a house built by James Griswold, II, about 1820, this area of town has much interest to me. This paper will discuss […]