About the Author: John C. Willard

JOHN WILLARD’s (1892-1976) contributions to his native community of Wethersfield, Ct., were many, and included his work on the Historic District Commission, Park Board, Recreation Committee, Cemetery Association, Historic Foundation, and as the Tree Warden. ‘These volunteer positions coincided with his work as an employee of Comstock, Ferre & Co (1912-57), the nation’s oldest seed […]

Horribles Parade

“Parade of horribles” originally referred to a literal parade of people wearing comic and grotesque costumes, rather like the Philadelphia Mummers Parade. It was a traditional feature of Fourth of July parades in parts of the United States in the nineteenth century, and “Horribles Parades” continue to be part of the Independence Day celebration in […]

Horseradish King

There used to be town meetings in Wethersfield.  At these meetings all town matters were presented and discussed.  One man could be counted upon to get on his feet whenever any major appropriation came to the floor.  He was a solidly built man of medium height, neat but not flashily dressed, with the red brown […]