"The Woman Came To Do Laundry…" Full Text

 “The Woman Came To Do Laundry…”:Depression-Era Domestic Servants in Greater Hartford, Connecticutby Melissa Josefiak       “Had woman for cleaning and laundry…she wasn’t much good,” writes housewife Ida Robbins in her diary, October 15, 1931.1  Matter-of-fact, detached and impersonal towards her domestic servant, Robbins’ tone reveals the thoughts of the lady of the house.  The “woman” […]

Wethersfield's Maritime Contribution to the Revolutionary War

by Ronna L. Reynolds The early theater of military action [in the American Revolution] centered in New England, prompting immediate and drastic changes in the activities of Wethersfield’s seafaring men.  Before the war, many local men had engaged in the lucrative West Indian and Southern coastal trade.  However, shortly after Lexington, the British established a […]