About the Author: Linda Pagliuco

Linda Pagliuco is an  interpreter, re-enactor, and teacher at two of Connecticut’s historic sites, Nathan Hale Homestead and Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum. Her photos and articles have been published by Yankee Magazine and Connecticut Explored.

The Undoing of Silas Deane

By Linda Pagliuco When British General Charles Cornwallis surrendered his army at Yorktown in 1781, his troops were surrounded by officers and soldiers, muskets, sabers, and artillery secured by the diligent efforts of Connecticut’s own Silas Deane. Deane’s extraordinary role in making the War for Independence viable should have placed him among the illustrious pantheon […]

About the Author: Carol Seeley Scott

Carol Seeley Scott is an 11th-generation descendant of Robert Seeley.  She graduated from Duke University and has advanced degrees from the University of North Carolina and Winthrop University.  Most of her professional years as a librarian were spent in a high school, and now, retired, she is the librarian of her retirement community.  Married for […]

The Eel-Catcher's Travels: Robert Seeley 1602-1667

by Carol Seeley Scott Robert Seeley (1602-1667), one of the founders of Wethersfield, left no written records of his own from which today we can judge his character and personality, but from his life we can infer a number of attributes.  He was family-loving, religious, open-minded and curious about his world, civic-minded,  unafraid of hard […]

About the Author: Frances S. Shedd

Frances S. Shedd was Director of the Wethersfield Public Library from 1922 to 1946, guiding the library through the period of its greatest growth and development. “As I see it,” she said, ” a public library exists only as a public servant and only by the service it gives may it justify its existence.” The […]

About the Author: Rafaele Fierro

Rafaele Fierro was born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut, the son of Italian immigrants. He went to Bulkeley High School in Hartford, got his B.A. from Trinity College in 1992 and his doctorate in immigration history from the University of Connecticut in 2000. He was inspired to to teach history while at Trinity by Professor […]

Wethersfield: A History

It was an immense specimen. At 97 feet tall, with a 29.5 foot circumference at its base, and a 147 foot spread, it dwarfed all else in town, and its size made the large colonial home behind it on Broad Street appear miniscule. The Great Wethersfield Elm, according to Porter Sargent, author of A Handbook […]