About the Author: Larry Lock

I am a retired history and government teacher (Kewanee High School).  I retired in 2000 after 35 years of teaching.  My wife and our live in the Wethersfield portion of Kewanee and our daughter attended Wethersfield school district schools, graduating in 1992 from Wethersfield High School. It is a strange situation here.  Even though the municipality […]

The Founding of Wethersfield Illinois in 1836

by Larry Lock – Kewanee Historical Society kewaneehistory.com The founding of Kewanee [Illinois] in 1854 at its present location is the result of two separate developments: the establishment of the colony of Wethersfield [Illinois] and the building of a railroad–and the failure of those two to come together.  (Please click on the map to see […]