Hangdog Lane and Folly Brook Boulevard

by Jim Meehan Even though my wife Marsha and I do not live there, Hangdog Lane has long been my favorite street in our hometown of Wethersfield, Connecticut — not because of its location, or its appearance, or anything even remotely contemporary. It is totally the name – the kind of label that shouts out […]

About the Author: Nora Howard

Nora Howard served at the Wethersfield Historical Society from 1982-1993 as director of education and then executive director. She holds degrees in American Studies from Hampshire College (B.A.) and George Washington University (M.A.) Her three books are Wethersfield Stories, Avon (a photographic history), and Catch’d on Fire: the Journals of Rufus Hawley, of Avon, CT. […]

Wethersfield Street Life, 1634-1995

We walk, whiz, or otherwise pass by these places daily or weekly.  We may go past them from season to season.  The names are familiar perhaps, but where did they come from?  Mill Woods, Treat Road, Great Meadow Road, and on and on.  Behind these names are good stories that help make Wethersfield life just […]