PorchFest Saturday, August 24, 2019

Wethersfield Historical Society is delighted to be a part of Old Wethersfield’s First Annual PorchFest.  At 1:00 pm, we will be hosting the Goza Duo (violin and guitar) playing from the porch (where else?) of the Hurlbut-Dunham House, 212 Main Street, Wethersfield.  The house is right next door to the Keeney Memorial Cultural Center. Stop by our tent on the lawn between the two buildings, have a seat, enjoy a cool drink and the latin sound of the Goza Duo. The  band is scheduled to play for about an hour. There will be crafts for the kids and a teaser of our upcoming exhibit on Wethersfield wedding traditions. There will also be information available about Wethersfield Historical Society and our exciting upcoming events. When the band has finished, feel free to stop in to the Hurlbut-Dunham House for a free tour. Visit the Wethersfield Museum at the Keeney Memorial Cultural Center. (Again, admission is free). Wander around the center of town and see what else is happening for PorchFest. But make sure you find your way back to the tent by 4:00 pm, when the porch of the Hurlbut-Dunham House will welcome The Jolly Beggars.  As their website says, “The Jolly Beggars bring the rich tradition of Celtic folk music and storytelling to modern day audiences”. Our tent will still be there, as will the cool drinks, a comfortable place to sit, and great music to accompany it all.