About Us

Wethersfield Historical Society: preserving Wethersfield’s history and culture to inspire people today and tomorrow.

The Wethersfield Historical Society is a 501c3 non-profit membership supported, educational institution devoted to preserving the history ofWethersfield, Connecticut. Chartered by the state in 1932, the Society maintains properties and collections on behalf of its membership and the public and offers year-round activities for children and adults.

The society owns the historic  Hurlbut-Dunham House and manages four properties owned by the Town: the Wethersfield Museum and Visitor Center at the Keeney Memorial Cultural Center, the historic Cove Warehouse, the Old Academy and the Deming-Standish House. The Old Academy is used for the society’s offices and library. Museum collections are stored at the Keeney Memorial, which also has public exhibits and meeting rooms. The society also hosts a variety of historical and cultural programs for the greater community.

Over the years, annual Society programs have included historical and contemporary exhibitions, publications,Lantern Light Tours, music series and a lecture series, bus trips, house tours, auctions, dinner meetings, social events and periodic workshops. A primary activity of the Society is the extensive educational programming provided to children in Wethersfield and other Connecticut towns, both in-school and on-site.

The Wethersfield Historical Society welcomes you to Historic Wethersfield, Connecticut’s oldest and largest historic district. We hope that you enjoy your visit.