Chronicling COVID-19 and Electronic Submission Form

At Wethersfield Historical Society we believe history happens every day – and history is definitely happening right now! WHS will be documenting this history in an upcoming exhibit “Chronicling COVID-19”, both physically in the Wethersfield Museum and virtually at You can contribute to the project by sharing what you and your family are doing to make the most of this time of social distancing. Initially, we are looking for photos, videos, or written submissions, but we will ultimately be looking for physical artifacts as well, for the time when we can all visit the Wethersfield Museum again.

Looking for other content ideas? See a list of other topics we are interested in below, and let us know if there is something we forgot:

Have you started a journal? Have you created entries about how you are feeling during the pandemic? Are you worried, conflicted, anxious, happy because you’re spending more time with family? Have you written about questions you have? If you feel comfortable sharing, we’d love to hear about your feelings and thoughts in conjunction with what you have been hearing during the pandemic.

Are you trying out new recipes? Are you making your own food or ordering takeout? Are you still going to the grocery store? Are you eating certain foods more frequently? 

Share your photos from your outdoor adventures. Are you hiking more? Going on walks with your family and four legged friends? 

Have you picked up a new hobby? Brushing up on your skills?  

What are your favorite books and movies Are you seeing or reading them for the first time or revisiting them during the pandemic?

To start, fill out the web form below and send us your photographs of Wethersfield businesses/stores/locations. Perhaps you have a photo of a space cleared out of necessities. Maybe you captured someone in the community supporting a local business by getting something curbside. These are just a few examples. When you submit, be sure to include information like the business name, location, date, items that are out of stock on the shelves or what you purchased, menus, photos of staff and patrons etc. If you have any questions or are interested in contributing something to the physical exhibit,  please email our curator Kristina Oschmann.  As we are currently working from home, email is the fastest way to get a response.

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