Old Wethersfield Arts and Crafts Fair – Registration Form & Agreement

Please complete the digital form below, for any questions please email: OWAF@wethersfieldhistory.org.

For the benefit of the Wethersfield Historical Society

Saturday, October 1, 2022
Event Hours: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

APPLICATIONS must include:

    1. Three (3) artwork .jpg images, including one (1) booth image, if available

      • Image 1:

      • Image 2:

      • Image 3:

    2. CV/Resume and/or short bio (this will be used for writing press releases and other media)

      • Upload:

      • - OR -

      • Copy/Paste:

    3. Completed application form. N.B. Returning crafters will receive discount at checkout.

    Artist Exhibitors must bring their own tents!

    Typical white 10’x10’ tent with full sides and weights or stakes are recommended.

    *Please check one (required)
    10 x 10 aisle booth = $12510 x 10 corner booth = $150
    (add $20 late fee for entries received after Sept. 15)
    Booth fee is not due until notification of acceptance. Receipt of booth fee by OWAF guarantees your place at the Fair.


    • September 15 - submission deadline

    • March - September, on-going jury selection

    • Acceptance notifications will be emailed by August 16

    • September 15 - booth payment due

    • September 15 - last date to cancel with refund

    • October 4 - load-in tents/tables/etc. *no valuables, security NOT available

    • Saturday, OCTOBER 5 – OW Arts & Crafts Fair 10:00 am - 4:00 pm (artists & vendors begin set-up at 7am)

    • October 5 – Load out


    Is there anything additional you would like us to know?


    • Artwork must be handmade, skillfully created, and produced by or under the direction of the artist.

    • Artists may show work only in categories in which they were accepted.

    • Artists may not exhibit or sell work that is not represented in submitted jury images.

    • Artists may not exhibit or sell work by other artists.

    • If selected artists elect to share their booth space with another artist, the guest artist must submit their own application and be approved prior to participating.

    • Imported items and mass-produced work is not allowed—no exceptions. This policy will be strictly enforced this year.

    • All work must be for sale.

    • Artists must personally attend their exhibits throughout the OW Arts & Crafts Fair.

    • Artists are expected to comply with all regulations and respect artistry standards.

    • The Wethersfield Historical Society reserves the right to remove any artist from the present or future fairs for breach of the written participation rules, the laws of the State of Connecticut, or for disruptive/abusive behavior.

    The undersigned applicant agrees and acknowledges that the right to enter upon the premises is in the nature of a license, expressly limited to the purposes, date, and time of the show for which this application has been accepted. The Wethersfield Historical Society expressly disclaims any warranty that the premises are suitable for the purposes intended, and assumes no liability for injury, damage or loss suffered by reason or negligent misconduct of persons on the premises during the show. The applicant agrees to, and shall hold The Wethersfield Historical Society, its servants, agents and employees harmless of any injury, loss or damage to persons or property caused by or due to the conduct of the applicant, and/or structure, and/or products displayed and sold. No tenancy, agency of employee relationship is created by this license; the applicant is an independent contractor.

    *A legally binding court recognized contract will be generated automatically after form submission. This generated contract will require your digital signature in order to complete your application form.