The Black Experience in Wethersfield and Electronic Submission Page

In an effort to expand our collection material relating to the Black Experience in Wethersfield, Wethersfield Historical Society is calling for community submissions relating to this subject. Do you have items to contribute that tell a specific person’s or family’s story? Were you involved in African American groups or clubs? Do you know someone who was involved in initiatives relating to integration in Wethersfield? Are there specific projects in Wethersfield that relate to the Black experience here?

WHS is making an ongoing effort to collect the stories and experiences of African American Wethersfield residents. We are looking for people who live(d) or worke(d) in town. Individuals can be from the past or the present.

We recently featured the following individuals in exhibitions and on social media: Harold E. James, Jr., Jacqueline Harris, Lincoln Little, Maryse Adonis, and Lt. ColTreasvant Feaster. Previously featured individuals include Lemuel Custis, Geraldine “Geri” Nelms Daniels, Dr. Evans Daniels, Monique Green Gwynn, Sarah Elizabeth Wood, and Mattie Hardrick Brown.Do you have more information (stories, objects, photos, letters, diaries, etc.) about these Wethersfield residents that we can add to our collection?

Who else’s story should we share in future projects? Do you have articles, photos or objects that tell their story? Please email curator Kristina Oschmann  with questions about how to submit materials for use in future projects. You can also upload digital materials (photographs and documents) using the form below.

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