Virtual Exhibit – Wethersfield Women

Welcome to the virtual edition of  Wethersfield Women currently on display in the Watson Gallery of the Wethersfield Museum in the Keeney Memorial Cultural Center.  Thankfully,  the museum and the Keeney Center have reopened to the public and you are welcome to view the exhibit in person. Meanwhile,  Wethersfield Historical Society continues to share this exhibit virtually in the gallery below for those who may still be social distancing. It consists of the actual wall panels created for the exhibit combined with select photos of the exhibit as it appears in the Watson Gallery,  including some of the artifacts that accompany the panels.

To navigate through the gallery, click the image in the top left of the gallery below and it will appear in a light box in the center of your screen. In the top right hand corner is the control panel.  From left to right the buttons are “Zoom In,” “Full Screen,” and “Close.” WHS recommends viewing Wethersfield Women full screen and navigating through the exhibit at your own pace by clicking the left and right arrows on the screen or by using the corresponding left and right arrows on your keyboard. If you click on an image, it will display at a larger size to facilitate reading text. (You can use your mouse’s scroll wheel to move the panel up and down.) Click the image again and it will return to its normal size. Clicking outside the image will close the light box and return you to the web page. The same function can be accomplished by clicking the “Close” button on the control panel or by hitting the “Escape” button on your keyboard.