WHS Virtual Summer Program 2020: The Ancient Burying Ground

In this latest installment of the 2020 Virtual Summer Program, join Wethersfield Historical Society Research Librarian Martha Smart for a virtual highlights tour of the Ancient Burying Ground. In Colonial Wethersfield through the lens of the Ancient Burying Ground , Ms. Smart focuses on a few exemplary monuments and how they reflect contemporary values in colonial Wethersfield about lineage, status, and one’s accomplishments in life and how those values evolved over time. Be sure to watch the short appendix video where Ms. Smart provides a fascinating “thumbnail” sketch of the life of notable Wethersfield resident Gershom Bulkely and contrasts his memorial with that of Leonard Chester.

As with every entry in the series, Museum Educator Gillie Johnson has provided an appropriately themed scavenger hunt to accompany the video along with an extensive “Learn More” section, consisting of curated links to additional sources for further study on each subject.