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Unsolved Mysteries

By Wethersfield Historical Society on September 5, 2011 1:46 PM

I was unable, however, to find the complete story on all of the proposed Mill Woods projects that are mentioned in the Park Board Minutes.
In October 1952 the Meyer Building was donated to Mill Woods.  It was to be moved from its location on Welles Road to "left of the town road to [the] Park, south of the Horowitz property and north of the brook."  I did not find out if and when it was relocated - or if it ever was or still is in the park.
I also came upon part of the story of the Girl Scout Cabin at which a celebration was to be held in October of 1947.  I do not know its origin but its demise occurred in March of 1953 when it burned to the ground and the park Board decided to "raze the remains of the building leaving the fire place for use of the picnic grounds."  The fireplace is no longer in the park.
And most perplexing to me is the following undated draft letter of which I found copies at both the Wethersfield Historical Society and Parks and Recreation Department.
"Whereas the present Mill Woods area is embraced within the 100 acre grant by the town of Wethersfield in 1637 to Leonard Chester for the purpose of erecting the earliest "Corne Mill" in the town, and
'Whereas it is proposed to convert the east portion of these woods into a residential area necessitating the destruction of a large part of these woods, and their historical significance, therefore be it resolved that the Wethersfield Historical Society believes that it would be an advantage to the town to own the woods and annex them to the present Mill Woods Park thereby extending the park to the eastward to border on Maple Street and be it further resolved that the Town Plan Commission and the Park Commission be and they are hereby requested to take such action as will result in the acquisition of these woods and annexing them to the present Mill Woods Park."

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