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"Het Up For Fair"

By Wethersfield Historical Society on September 5, 2011 1:24 PM

MillwoodsHet Up For Fairmillwoods_reflections-thumb-320x444-399.jpg"Your ear for a minute, please, a bit of space in your paper if possible in these days of shortage, for I am het up for fair.
"Wethersfield has before it a proposition of tremendous import as clearly delineated by the Park Board and Town Plan Commission before an interested two hundred or more residents Wednesday night in the Charles Wright School.  It has to do with developing a tract at the southern end of Wolcott Hill Road known as the Mill Woods.....
"The value, the priceless value of such a spot to the community at large is immediately apparent.  We have in our reaches a piece of property whose acreage includes wood dales, ponds and brooks that less fortunate towns would spend a mil to acquire....
"A mill or a mill and a half on present taxes will 'put it in the works', with swimming by midsummer a possibility.  May every Wethersfieldian (and who isn't proud of the name?) back this undertaking wholeheartedly, bearing in mind he lives not in a bombed-out desolation but on a grand piece of native Yankee land which a bit of his hard-earned 'whats-left after taxes' will vastly improve to the future honor of his day and generation.
"If a public subscription, which may be a good idea to start the ball rolling, is deemed advisable, the paragrapher will donate the small sum of $25 to 'open the pot'".
I.M. Soldonit
To the Editor, Hartford Courant, March 25, 1944."

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